Born on April 20th.. this Bay Area native…was blessed from the start! Growing up as an only child and being raised by her mother Nanette Marie (a single parent) creativity was a must have in the home. Monique Marie sang and danced to any and every song played by her Mother. These songs included Frankie Beverly and Maze, Anita Baker, Chaka khan, Michael Jackson and more. It wasn’t until the age of seven that Monique belted out her first real tune! Tina Turner had just stop playing and her Mother yelled “play it again”, that’s when Monique Marie belted out “What’s Love Got to do, Got to do with it?” So amazed by this new found showmanship, her Mom demanded she sing the song all the way through in that same voice! And from then until now she has blossomed into a God given talent. She also developed a gift for writing during her younger years as well. In high school Monique Marie was a social butterfly yet very shy to show her vocal talent. It wasn’t until College that she was invited to join an all girl singing group where her interest for music grew very strong. Although the group was not very successful Monique Marie continued her journey singing in talent shows, and opening at county fairs. In 2002 Monique Marie began to work on her first single “you ain’t gonna play me” during this time is when she began meeting and collaborating with other bay area artist including Serg da Fool and 006 of the Knockaholics. She was able to earn her first writers credit and Backgrounds for her added talent on one of his singles “Get Lifted”. With her soulful voice and creative writing talent, this beautiful woman is ready to bless the world with what God has given her. A voice! And not just any voice but a singing voice. “She gives me chills and not many people can do that!” 006 states, during her last recording session. She is about to take the world by storm! Be on the lookout for her, the introduction to her album is titled “Watching Me” a five song EP that gives a taste of this vocalist in the making. “I just enjoy singing and love to write about what’s real ya know! And if God allows me to be his vessel to share my thoughts with the world, I will enjoy that too!”

Introducing.... Monique Marie